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Two Tips for Making Your Utility Bill More Manageable

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The costs associated with heating and cooling a home today are pretty significant compared with those of a decade ago. The increasing costs of fossil fuels and electricity make hot summers and cold winters an expensive prospect for homeowners trying to save money. If you’re torn between your family’s comfort and the contents of your wallet, use the following tips to help you cut back on the costs of heating and cooling your home. Read More»

3 Things You Need To Protect Your Concrete During The Winter

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Freezing temperatures create a different environment for new concrete in the winter, so you need to be careful when you are pouring and caring for your concrete. Here are three things you will need for keeping your new cement in good condition through its first winter. The Right Cement Mixture Warm temperatures are not always available when you need to pour new cement. Sometimes you may need to pour cement in the winter, when temperatures outside are near freezing or below zero. Read More»

3 Easy DIY Heating And Cooling Repairs You Can Do Today

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Are you a DIY kind of person? Whether you do it for a hobby or to save money (or both), it’s probably something you really enjoy. If you are always looking for new opportunities to learn extra DIY skills, one area you should look into is heating and cooling. While major repairs to your home’s heating and cooling systems should always be handled by a professional HVAC expert from a place like Stuck’s Heating & Cooling, there are some small repair and maintenance tasks you can easily learn to do on your own. Read More»