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Ensure That Your Parking Lot Maintenance Contract Includes These Tasks

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As a business owner, it's easy to be focused on what goes on inside of your building. It's important, however, to also be mindful of the space outside of your doors. Your parking lot is one area that requires regular upkeep for not only the safety of those who use it, but also to ensure that it looks tidy and appealing for people who visit you daily. Instead of dealing with the parking lot yourself, you should hire a commercial parking lot maintenance service. These services can perform different tasks, so you'll want to look for a company that will take care of these things as part of your contract.

Pothole Patching

Most people think of potholes as being an issue that plagues city streets, but the reality is that potholes can also occur in commercial parking lots. They're a concern for multiple reasons. In addition to providing a serious tripping hazard, they can fill with water after a rainfall and a vehicle that drives through them can potentially splash pedestrians. Look for a commercial parking lot maintenance service that will fill and patch any potholes as soon as they become apparent. This task will be critical for keeping the surface of the lot as smooth as possible.

Pressure Washing

Parking lots can become grimy in a short amount of time, especially when large numbers of people use them daily. A car that has a leaky engine will drip oil or other fluids on the asphalt for as long as it's parked. People may occasionally toss their chewing gum onto the asphalt, and it can melt into the surface on a hot, sunny day. In order to keep your lot looking tidy, you want your maintenance service to pressure wash the lot around a set schedule. You'll need to arrange these visits during off-hours for your business, as the lot will need to be free of vehicles.

Curb Repair

While the condition of the asphalt in your parking lot is important, it's a mistake to overlook the curbs that are around the lot's perimeter. An integral part of a parking lot, concrete curbs can break down over time and become a hazard underfoot. For example, someone might step on a curb while walking only for the concrete to crumble beneath their feet — resulting in a fall and perhaps a lawsuit. Look for a maintenance company that will repair any damaged curbs when necessary. In serious cases, this may include rebuilding curbs that are broken beyond repair.

Reach out to a professional who provides commercial parking lot maintenance to discuss what you need.