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Drainfield Problems That Septic Tank Repair Contractors Can Address

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If your property has a septic tank, then the drainfield is one of the more important components to maintain. Unfortunately, it will not work great forever. If the following issues come about, then you need to hire a septic tank repair contractor right away. 

1. Invading Tree Roots

If you have trees around your property, particularly near the drainfield, then you should know that their roots can cause problems. Some of them may grow too close to the drainfield and cause structural damage.

If you believe this has happened to your septic tank system, then you need to work with a specialized contractor. They can dig around the drainfield and gain access to the invading tree roots. They'll be removed quickly and in a strategic manner as to not cause damage to your drainfield in the slightest. They'll also remove tree roots in a way that doesn't harm surrounding trees.

2. Clogged Drainfield

If you don't flush the right things down the toilet, then clogs can happen around the drainfield. It will then not work great and that's a major problem you need to address by working with a septic tank repair contractor. They can effectively alleviate clogs thanks to their specialized equipment. For instance, they can use a sewer jetter to remove everything that has built up in the pipes. The jetter essentially sprays out pressurized water and it should be powerful enough to break up whatever has collected on the inside. 

3. Damaged Lines

If your drainfield is a little older, then some of the lines may be damaged. You need to address this problem right away before more severe problems result and cost you a lot of money. For damaged drainfield lines, always hire an experienced and licensed septic tank repair contractor. They have advanced equipment that allows them to inspect the lines in a non-invasive way. This way, your property isn't disturbed in a major way. Once the structural issue is identified, the repair contractor can either come up with a repair or replace the section. You'll be kept in the loop throughout the repair or replacement either way.

Having a septic tank means dealing with drainfield issues from time to time. That doesn't mean you have to freak out. Septic tank drainfield repair contractors can help you when you run into troubling issues, and they can come up with a solution before more extensive damage occurs.