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3 Useful Tips When Putting A Niche In Your Shower Area

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If you're looking for a great way to renovate the shower area, putting in a shower niche is a solid idea. This creates a nook area for you to store shower essentials, including soap and shampoo. To ensure this renovation goes smoothly from start to finish, remember these tips. 

Choose a Material

A major decision you'll need to make when putting a niche in the shower area is selecting a material. There are many ways you can approach this. A lot of homeowners like to use the materials that are already in the bathroom. So if there is a particular tile in the shower, the same material would be fitted around the niche.

Or, you can go the opposite direction and go with a material that contrasts with the materials in your bathroom. This would certainly make the niche stand out. Tile is one of the more common material options, but metal finishes also look nice in modern bathrooms.

Hire a Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

A lot of work is involved in making a recessed shelf (niche) in the shower area. You probably don't have the time or experience to handle this project correctly. That's why it's always best to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor for this customization.

Someone that's licensed and insured can effectively take out sections of your shower to leave behind recessed shelves. Just make sure that when you hire this remodeling contractor, you ensure they have experience with this type of bathroom renovation. You also want to ensure their design plans are exactly what you want.

Include Lighting

There are many features you can add to these shower niches, but one of the most important and popular is lighting. Having lighted niches will make it easy to see your shower products, even when you have the lights turned off in the bathroom.

LED lights -- in particular -- are great to set up in these niche areas. Not only do these lights last a long time, but they come in many different colors. You can go with something traditional like yellow or white or get a little more bold with reds and blues. Just do what works best for your bathroom's theme.

Putting niches in the shower area of your bathroom is great if you need extra storage space. This is a pretty extensive project, but you'll get through it without any issues by knowing what you want and taking the necessary precautions in the beginning.