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Signs You May Need To Upgrade Your Septic Tank System

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Over time, your family can grow in size. While this can be a source of joy, it can also put increased demand on your septic tank. Eventually, it may be necessary to have the septic tank replaced with a larger unit. A handful of warning signs can alert you to the fact that your septic tank may need to be upgraded.

The Tank Needs More Frequent Cleanings

One of the most noticeable and first indications that your septic tank needs to be upgraded is that it requires more frequent cleanings. Under normal circumstances, your septic tank should be able to go for years without needing to be pumped and cleaned.

However, if the septic tank is being pushed past its capacity, it may need to be cleaned far more frequently. In fact, it may even need this maintenance on a yearly basis.

By upgrading to a septic tank with a higher capacity, you will be able to avoid the need for the costs and disruptions that such frequent septic tank cleanings will involve.

The Area Where The Drain Field Is Located Remains Wet

The water that flows into the septic tank will have to be drained in a way that avoids flooding the yard or causing erosion. As a result, there will be a limit to the amount of water that your septic tank can process.

When your home consistently exceeds this limit, the drain field can become overwhelmed, and it may not be able to effectively drain the water that is being processed by the septic tank. This can lead to the soil staying wet.

If the septic system is not cleaned regularly before being upgraded, this can eventually lead to the landscaping suffering damage. However, this will be necessary to avoid making drastic changes in the way that you and your family use water.

The Drains In The Home Slow

If your family is exceeding the capacity of your septic tank system, it can contribute to the drains drastically slowing. This is due to a combination of the septic tank filling more quickly and it needing time to process and drain all the water that is flowing into it.

This issue can be extremely inconvenient as it can make routine tasks take far longer. Also, it can make the home much more vulnerable to the drains overflowing and causing water damage. This problem can be particularly noticeable in homes with multiple bathrooms because when the bathrooms are being used at the same time, they can put tremendous strain on the drains. If you are having to make constant use of septic tank cleaning services, it may be time to consider upgrading your system.