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How To Beautify Your Home's Entry With Decorative Concrete

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If you want the entry to your home to be more attractive and you're dealing with boring plain concrete now, then you should look into decorative concrete. Concrete can be made more attractive by stamping, staining, or polishing. These techniques can change the entry to your home dramatically whether you have a small concrete pad at the front door or a sweeping veranda. Here are some decorative concrete options you might consider.

Stamping Designs Into The Concrete 

Stamped concrete is made by pressing designs into wet concrete. Since your concrete is already in place, the contractor needs to add an overlay of new concrete. Before the new concrete dries, molds are used to stamp the desired design, so it cures in place as the concrete dries. You might want rectangular brick shapes or round stone shapes. Color can be added at the same time so that the concrete looks like pavers when the job is done. You'll have a beautiful new entry that looks like stones or bricks without having to tear out the concrete and install pavers.

Staining The Surface Of The Concrete

Concrete can be stained using different approaches such as with an acid stain. Staining adds earth colors to the surface, so the boring white concrete color is replaced with something visually appealing and interesting. The colors are variegated with swirls of various hues. The end result can make your entry look like it was chiseled out of stone rather than made from concrete.

Polishing The Concrete To Add Luster

Indoor decorative concrete can be polished to a deep shine, but outdoor concrete usually has a duller finish. Still, the change in the appearance of the concrete after it has been polished is dramatic. Polishing is a nice touch after dye or stain has been added. Polishing adds luster and a low shine to the surface of the concrete, and that can add curb appeal to your home.

Basic concrete is functional, but it's not very attractive. Decorative concrete is a big improvement when it comes to appearance, but since it's still concrete, it is durable and stands up to all kinds of outdoor weather. Decorative concrete is also easy to maintain, which is important for an outdoor area that gets a lot of foot traffic. If you're having new concrete poured to create a larger entry, then that's the ideal time to have decorative concrete installed. However, even if you have old, existing concrete, it's still possible to make it more beautiful by using an overlay or staining technique.