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3 Things To Consider When You Need New Flooring

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Are your floors starting to show their age? Do you need to have them replaced soon but you haven't yet decided what type of flooring you actually want? Although flooring isn't super complicated, it's not always easy to decide between the various options. There may seem to be many choices, but they can be broadly divided into three categories: carpet, tile, and wood floors. Wood flooring can be further divided into hardwood and laminate, but for most purposes, they are essentially the same. In order to make the right decision for you, here are the three most important things that you should consider:

Use: How much traffic does a room get and who will be using it? Carpet is a good insulator that can help make a room feel warmer in the winter, but it is not always easy for wheelchair users to cross. A wooden floor installation is often good for more heavily trafficked areas due to being easier to fully clean than carpets, but it isn't going to be as durable as a tile floor. Both tile and wood are good for users in wheelchairs but may be too slippery and inappropriate for people who use walkers. You'll need to make a list of what is important to you in regards to flooring attributes and work from there.

Speed: If you have young children or older parents who need care, the most important factor may be how fast the floor installation can be completed. Carpets can often be installed in just a few hours, leaving you with brand-new flooring in less than a day. But wood and tile floors can both take multiple days to complete. The materials for a wooden floor need to be stored inside of your home for up to a week beforehand so that the wood can acclimate to the unique temperature and humidity levels in your home before being installed. Tile can be installed right away, but you may be unable to use the room in question for a couple of days while the mortar and grout dry.

Cost: Each type of floor installation is going to have a different cost. In general, carpet is the cheapest type of flooring while tile tends to be the most expensive. However, this can also vary depending on the exact flooring materials. There are some carpets that will cost more than tile and some wooden floors that may be cheaper than most carpets. In addition to the cost for materials, you'll also have to factor in installation costs, with carpets again typically being relatively inexpensive while tile tends to cost the most.

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