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Avoid A Costly Drain Clog In Your Home

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Clogged drains are a normal occurrence. However, they are quite easy to avoid. Save time, stress, and money by learning how you can get on the front side of a clog. Here are some tips to get you started.

Don't Treat the Toilet like a Waste Bin

In the bathroom, it might be convenient to toss your trash in the toilet and flush it. But you should always rely on the waste bin and don't rely on the toilet to serve this purpose. The only thing you should flush down the toilet is toilet paper and waste.

Even a few sheets of paper towels are enough to cause a significant clog. The same is true for feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, and even wads of regular paper. If you don't have one already, place a small waste bin near the toilet to resist the urge.

Be Mindful of Disposal Usage

A garbage disposal is great in the kitchen. These systems are easy to use and can keep your waste bin from smelling bad. However, it's important that you be mindful of just how you use the system if you want to avoid a clog in the drain and other damage.

First, only soft foods that naturally breakdown should be placed in the disposal. Foods that don't fit this description will settle in the drain and cause a clog. Second, don't put foods with excessive amounts of grease down the disposal. The grease will solidify and cause a clog.

Rely on a Hair Guard

Each day, the body sheds several strands of hair. Although these strands fall from the scalp throughout the day, many of them detach and fall during the hair washing process. As a result, these strands end up hitting the shower floor and making their way down the drain.

You might not look at this as a significant problem, but if you were to consider how much hair you lose each day over the course of several months, you'd be surprised by the amount of hair that actually settles in your drain. It's best to put a hair guard or mess strainer over the drain to collect this hair each day.

Make sure you're doing your part to avoid a clog in your home. Not only can you avoid costly repairs and save time, but you will also help your plumbing system operate more efficiently. In the event you're stuck with a clog you can't remedy, don't hesitate to reach out to a professional plumbing service, such as West Sound Plumbing Service, for assistance with the issue.