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4 Tips On How To Keep Your Garage Door Well-Maintained

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When you perform maintenance checks on your home, you should consider checking over the garage door as well to ensure that it continues to function normally. There are certain elements of the garage door unit you should pay special attention to when you inspect it, such as the springs and pulley mechanisms, the hinges and tracking unit to prevent them from malfunctioning. The tips listed below are designed to show you how to keep your garage door well-maintained.

Garage Door Lubrication

Squeaky sounds coming from your garage door when you open it or close it, may be an indication that the tracks are rubbing against the door panels, creating friction. This happens when the tracks in the lubricant located in door panels start to dry out. When this occurs, it's essential that you apply a lubricant such as lithium or silicone spray to the tracks, chains, rollers and hinges on the garage door.

Garage Door Cleansing

When you apply the lubricant to the garage door tracks and other mechanisms, it's possible that you may still hear noise when the garage door raises and lowers. There may be another issue that is causing your garage door to squeak and grind. Therefore, if you notice that after applying lubricant the garage continues to make noise, you should then clean the springs and tracks of all dirt and debris. It's possible that there may be dirt, pebbles and rocks located on the tracks and if left unattended, it could cause the rollers, springs and bearings to malfunction. Consider using a damp cloth with a mild cleaning solvent to wipe down and clear out any residue located on the tracks.

Garage Door Weather Seals

The garage door weather seals are located along the bottom and sides of your garage door. The weather seals are designed to ensure that when your garage door is closed off from extreme weather elements. However, the weather seals over time may become worn out and start to loosen or unravel. If this occurs, the weather seal strip should be removed and replaced as soon as possible.  

Garage Door Sensors

Garage doors with automatic openers have sensors located on the panels that are designed to detect when you want to raise or lower them. However, if the sensors are not aligned properly or the garage door becomes warped or off track, the sensors will not function properly. It's essential that you have your garage door checked over to see if it has to be realigned or replaced.

If your garage door continues to malfunction, consider consulting with a contractor to see if it can be repaired or if it should be replaced.