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Keeping Commercial Concrete Floors In Good Condition

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Thanks to its durability and versatility, concrete provides a viable surface for commercial floors. Maintaining a concrete floor can be challenging at times, so it's important that you take the time to learn how you can properly care for your concrete floor in order to extend its life well into the future.

Here are three tips that you can use to keep your concrete floors in good condition over time.

1. Use a dolly to move heavy objects.

If you need to move heavy objects around on your floor, dragging these items could cause serious damage to the concrete. When a heavy object drags along the surface of your concrete floors, the aggregate materials that make up the concrete can break apart and begin to deteriorate.

Make sure that you are using a dolly or a utility cart with wheels to move heavy objects from one place to another on your concrete floor.

2. Seal your concrete floor regularly.

Adding a sealer to your concrete floor can be a great way to provide the concrete surface with an added layer of protection. Sealers are designed to help create a waterproof, UV resistant, and stain resistant flooring surface.

If your floors see a lot of foot traffic, then adding a sealer can be a great way to protect against abrasion and discolorations that could mar the surface of your concrete. Apply a fresh sealer regularly to ensure your concrete flooring remains protected against damage at all times.

3. Clean your commercial concrete floors properly.

Keeping your concrete floors clean will not only improve the appearance of your commercial space, it will help to prevent your floors from becoming damaged over time. When dirt and debris are allowed to sit on the floor, these contaminants can act as abrasive agents and scruff the surface of your concrete.

Sweeping and mopping on a regular basis to remove loose dirt and debris will prevent these items from scratching your concrete. You should also wipe down the surface of your concrete floors with a specialized solvent that is designed for use on concrete to keep them looking polished and professional.

Caring for concrete doesn't have to be difficult, no matter where it's located on your premises. Keep in mind that similar steps can be taken to care for exterior concrete. Contact a company like AA Asphalting if you have questions about concrete care and repair.