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Why A Cool Roof Is Just As Great For Cool Climates As For Hot Ones

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Metal roofing is all the rage in warm areas of the country, such as the American South. It's great because it can reduce air conditioning bills and keep the home more comfortable during the summer. However, you may be wondering if cool roofing has anything to offer you at your home in the north. Fortunately, the benefits of metal roofing extends far beyond just cooling down your home's interior. Here are three reasons why cool roofing is still a great choice no matter how cold the area is in which you live.

1. Keeps you cool even if you have no central air conditioning

If you live in a cooler climate, you may not find it worth the time and money to have an air conditioning system installed. However, it can still get uncomfortable during the height of summer. Box fans can only do so much. However, if you have a cooler roof, you can stay cool during hot seasons even without installing an air conditioning system.

2. Saves money

In addition to eliminating the need for a central air-conditioning system, a cool roof can also save you money in other ways. It can save money on roofing repairs and maintenance, roof replacements, and even home insurance premiums.

3. May not lose as much heat in the winter as you'd expect

The classic drawback that is always cited for installing cool roofs in cooler climates is that the roof, although it keeps you more comfortable in the summer by reflecting the sun's heat away, can also allow you to lose heat in the winter and thus cost you more money. However, this is not necessarily the case. If you live in an area that has heavy snowfall, your roof may be covered in snow for the coldest months of the year. And any roof that's covered in snow is going to be about as reflective as any other roof covered in snow. If this is your situation, then it's really a moot point. However, this is unlikely to apply to metal roofs because they have a natural snow-shedding ability. So if you want to reap this benefit, you'll have to choose a different type of cool roof such as tile, slate, or something else.

As you can see, a cool roof, whether it's made of metal or tile or some other material, can provide quite a few benefits for a homeowner even in a cool climate.  Contact a contractor, like Grissom Contracting, for more help.