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Landscaping Your New Home With Plants For Desert Climates And Dry Summers

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In the hottest weather, keeping your landscaping green can be a difficult maintenance task if you want a well-kept garden. Instead of conventional plants that are commonly used in landscaping, consider desert and warm climate plants that can withstand the changes in weather. Here are some of the best choices for plants that will last and look beautiful in any dry weather:

1. Using Cactuses That Withstand Extreme Temperatures and Dry Conditions

Cactus are versatile plants that can be used in landscaping design. Not only will cactus withstand the dry conditions of deserts and hot summers, they are also ideal for cold weather. The climate conditions of deserts are also cold at night, and cactus species are naturally adapted to handle extreme temperatures. There are also choices of many different types of cactus that bloom at different types of year, have different colors and shapes to add texture and color to landscaping designs.

2. Native Grasses for Lawns That Thrive in Even the Driest Weather

If you want to have a green lawn for your landscaping design, then you want to consider using grass species that are adapted to dry conditions. There are many different types of native grass species that are hardy and can handle the extreme conditions of a desert. These grasses are also ideal for new home landscaping and will reduce the amount of water needed to irrigate your lawn.  Fescue and grama are some of the grass species that you may want to consider for a lawn that is more resistant to the dry weather conditions of the summer months.

3. Herbs and Wildflowers for Dry Climates To Add Color To Landscaping

Herbs and wildflowers are another great choice for the landscaping design that is ready for dry weather. Many wildflowers are native to desert climates, and these plants will survive event the most extreme weather conditions. This is also a fun DIY landscaping project, which you can create your own wildflower meadow that will need a minimal amount of care and add beautiful colors to your home during the spring and summer months. If you want to add color to your landscaping all year, consider elephant ears, which are drought tolerant and evergreen.

These are some of the best desert and dry weather plants to ensure your landscaping is green and well-kept all year. Contact your local home builders and talk with them about these ideas for using less water in your landscaping.