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4 Things Artificial Grass Lets You Get Rid Of

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Thinking of replacing your lawn with artificial grass?  Synthetic turf is always green, always perfectly clipped, and will save you money on your water bill. Once your real, thirsty, high-maintenance lawn is removed and your artificial grass is installed in your yard, you can officially get rid of these 4 things.

The Lawn Mower

Your children will probably be more excited than you about not having to mow the grass every week to keep it looking nice. You won't have to nag them to get this chore done, either. You can donate your old lawn mower to someone less fortunate than you, or sell it online. Either way, artificial grass means goodbye to the stinky gas eating machine. If you find you actually miss the smell of fresh cut grass, volunteer to mow your neighbor's yard once in a while.

Weed Wacker

Another yard machine to part with – the weed wacker. Are you sensing a pattern yet? There are no longer any grass edges to trim along sidewalks, trees, and flower beds. Artificial grass is professionally attached along all these areas and won't come up unless you force it to. Hey, give your old weed wacker to that same neighbor.

Fertilizer and Pesticides

Because there's no real grass growing any more, you no longer need to invest in fertilizer to keep it healthy and green. Artificial grass is always a consistent, even, flawless jade. Some types of artificial turf have an under thatch of different hues of greens and brown to appear even more realistic. Because bugs and other pests don't want to munch on plastic, you no longer have to apply dangerous pesticides to keep them from ruining your lawn. Birds, honeybees and other beneficial predators can exist safely and happily in your yard without being wiped out by pesticides.  Again, more space in the garage or shed.

High Water Bills

Sure, you could have planted an alternative ground cover instead of grass, but you still have to water it and care for it. Plus, other groundcovers like clover and creeping herbs don't look as attractive as faultless artificial grass. Gravel and other types of desert landscaping save water, but your dogs and kids can't exactly play frisbee among the cacti and the artificial rocky wash without twisting an ankle or getting poked with cactus spines. Which brings us back to the fact that artificial turf is family friendly and doesn't need to be watered. You will definitely see a difference in your water bill when you no longer water a lawn.

With all the extra space in your shed now, go buy yourself something awesome to store there, like a deluxe snow cone maker.  And rejoice in getting rid of all those superfluous things. For more information, visit websites like http://bourgetbros.com.