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The Top Home Design Trends Of 2017

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When trying to build a custom home, you will want to make sure that it is designed in a way that matches your preferences, since it is your house. However, you also want to make sure that your home follows the current trends so that it is not dated in 2017.

Natural Woods

Engineered woods with a lighter finish are more popular than dark wood. White and grey finishes are becoming more popular again. Increasingly, wood is being sealed only while maintaining the natural appearance and color of the wood. Engineered wood can make your home look more exotic, though they may be more expensive. Stone floors are also becoming more popular and are being used in locations where they weren't before, such as in bedrooms.

Brass Finish

Brass finish is becoming popular again because brass adds a golden tone to the home at a lower cost than actual gold. Satin and brushed brass are preferred because they are more muted and warm. Brass looks great against any color.

Built-In Bars And Contrasting Islands

Built-in bars are increasingly becoming a feature of kitchens. These are great for entertaining guests and are great for adding a little something more to your kitchen. For some homeowners, though, building a bar is a bit much and it may instead be preferable to build a contrasting island that can be used to make drinks.

More Openness And 100% Space Utilization

Buildings are increasingly having clean lines with an emphasis on openness. Turrets are being used less often. Hallways and smaller rooms are being used less often. Instead, the emphasis is on large rooms that can serve multiple purposes. The goal is to make it possible to use every inch of the home.

More Home Automation

Homes are becoming more technologically advanced. Homeowners are using smart energy monitoring systems to ensure that they do not use up too much energy. Homes are becoming more automated. Voice-activated assistants are becoming more common. A voice-activated assistant can play a song on command or can turn on a hot tub.

Some builders may be concerned about following trends. After all, look at how dated some homes built in the 70s look, even if these homes were in style back them. But by taking risks, you may end up with a home that you love, that will impress the neighbors and that will be easier to sell if the need ever arises. For more information, contact companies like Kavin Construction.