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Protecting The Public in Construction Zones: It Isn't Just Police Work

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People are fascinated by construction. They love watching you and your construction crews at work. They love trying to figure out what kind of building you are working on and how tall it will be when it is complete. Unfortunately, some may wander too close to get a good look and that puts them in danger. As a construction contractor, you are obligated not only to protect your crews, but also to protect the public in work zones. In essence, you are the police in a construction zone, and you need the following work zone equipment to manage this aspect of your job.

Orange Work Cones

Orange work cones redirect traffic around the perimeter of a building when the building will be situated right on the edge of a busy road. By redirecting the traffic, no glass windows, no I-beams, no projectiles and no machinery, such as cranes or wrecking balls, can damage cars and injure pedestrians or the people in the cars. You are establishing a safe distance perimeter away from the current work zone perimeter to protect everyone not on the work site.

Construction Zone Tape

Yellow with black stripes; it does not matter if it is a bee or construction zone tape, most pedestrians get the message that this pattern represents danger and that they should keep away. Construction zone tape is also very strong and helps hold guard fences together in the event that they come apart or somebody makes the mistake of backing into a section with a crawler. As long as the roll of work zone tape is used to alert the public to potential hazards and is tied on and wrapped all the way around the fence sections of your work perimeter, you are doing what you are supposed to to warn the public.

Portable Chain Link Fencing

If the public ignores both the orange cones and the construction zone warning tape, portable chain link fencing is your last resort. It blockades the public and keeps them from entering the danger zone unannounced and uninvited. If they manage to vault the chain link fence and wander in and are injured, that is actually on them for doing something not so bright. As long as you have done all the necessary steps to protect the public from harm near your work site, what some members of the public do after that swiftly becomes their bad decision.

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