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Protecting Yourself From Loss When Moving Medical Equipment

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High-value medical equipment may eventually need to be shipped by your clinic. A mistake in the medical equipment movement process can lead to expensive damage. For that reason, it is important that your clinic have a process for moving the medical equipment that will reduce the risk that damage will occur and to ensure that you are adequately compensated in the event that the equipment is damaged.

Protecting Yourself From Loss

It is essential that you have your medical equipment insured whenever transporting it. What may seem like a small bump can cost a considerable amount of money in repairs or can require the replacement of the equipment. Regardless of who is transporting your equipment, you must document any loss or damage caused by the carrier. You will need to describe the nature of the damage, ensure that the driver signs a bill of lading, make sure that you are given a copy of the bill of lading, make sure that pictures are taken of the damage and immediately begin the process of filing a claim. It is essential to play by the rules of having your claim filed or you will be less likely to be compensated.

The Requirements Of Moving Medical Equipment

Medical equipment presents unique challenges when moving. Accommodations must be made to make sure that there are minimal vibrations and that the equipment is not contaminated. You may need to move specimens that must be kept at a specific temperature. You may be moving a very specialized form of equipment that has unique considerations. Therefore, your staff members and anyone who is handling the moving process must be very detail-oriented and must be skilled at following explicit directions to ensure that the equipment is not damaged at any stage in the process.

Hiring The Right Moving Company

The best way to ship medical equipment is with a air-ride pad rap carrier. These companies are specialized in shipping these forms of equipment and can do so while minimizing the risk of damage. They also carry liability insurance that will cover any losses you may experience in the event that the equipment is damaged and any injuries that are sustained by workers carrying the equipment. Rather than simply ship equipment to your doorstep, the workers will pick up the equipment and position them anywhere they need to go. They are also trained to handle very specialized moving requirements, such as the movement of MRIs. 

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