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Cool Off This Summer By Preparing This Spring

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If you want to stay cool inside of your house this summer, you need to take some steps to take care of your air conditioning this spring. Spring is a great time to fix and prepare your air conditioning system because you don't need to use it, but it should also be warm enough on some days for you to really test out your air conditioning system and make sure everything is working correctly.

#1 Change Out That Air Filter

The number one thing at the top of your list in relation to your air conditioner every spring should be to change out the air filter and put in a new one. A new air filter will provide you with cleaner air and will put less pressure on your system. This is something that you need to do every year, so set a yearly reminder to check your air filter and replace it every spring.

#2 Cover Up Your Air Conditioning Unit

If your air conditioning unit is located outside of your home, cover it up! Surprisingly, your air conditioning system works best when it is kept cool. If the sunlight hits down directly on your unit throughout the day, it is time to find a way to keep your unit a little cooler. Try to put up a cover on your air conditioning unit so that it is in the shade most of the day instead of in the direct sun.

#3 Open Your Vents

If you closed up some of your vents inside of your home during the winter time, now is the time to open them up. Your air conditioning unit will function more effectively when all of the vents are open. As you open up the vents, run your vacuum cleaner or a duster over the top of them to clean them off. If your vents are not clean, even with a good air filter in place, you will still end up breathing dusty air. The entire system needs to be taken care of to ensure you breathe clean air.

#4 Get Your Ducts Cleaned

You can use your vacuum cleaner to clean the end of your ducts near the vents. However, in order to clean your entire duct system and remove all dust from it, as well as any more harmful substances that could be growing inside of it, like mold or mildew. A professional HVAC team can come out and use an advanced system to clean the entire duct system. This will help you get the cleanest air possible.