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Thinking Of Cleaning Your Restaurant's Grease Trap On Your Own? Think Again

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Thinking of cleaning your own grease trap? You might want to think again as you could be making a mistake. Sure, there are plenty of tutorials that seem to simplify the process; however, there are a number of mistakes you can make during this process that have real implications. Here are just some of them.

Proper Documentation

When cleaning a grease trap, it's not enough to simply document that the drain was cleaned, such as by recording the date it was performed. You will find that only including this information will lead to big trouble when you have your next health inspection.

In some municipalities, the health inspector doesn't just want to know when the trap was cleaned, but they also want to know how much waste was removed. Given this detail, the waste must be accurately measured after each cleaning. If you can't present this information, you may face a fine or other penalty.

Relying Solely On Hot Flushing

Many of the do-it-yourself tutorials on grease trap cleaning involve a process known as hot flushing. This practice simply involves the process of pouring hot water down the trap to melt the grease and clear it away. This does not work. Sure, the hot water will liquefy the solidified grease.

However, once it cools, it will only solidity again. Sure, a professional cleaning will sometimes involve this hot flushing process, but understand that it is also used along with a variety of cleaning agents and detergents that help remove the buildup and completely clear the trap.

Forgetting To Check Gaskets

When cleaning the grease trap, removing the grease build-up is only a part of the process. Another part of the process is ensuring that the trap is performing properly. To ensure this, you always want to look at the condition of the gaskets that support the trap.

Should even one of the gaskets fail, the foul odor from the old grease can seep out and engulf the area. Even worse, the scent could travel out of your kitchen and into the dining area, which would be horrible for business. Knowing how to recognize a problem and replace a gasket is important.

When it comes to avoiding these mistakes, relying on a professional is best. A professional, like Forrest Sewer Pump Service, won't just avoid these mistakes, but they will also inspect the trap to ensure it is functioning properly. When it is time to have your grease trap cleaned, make sure you aren't overlooking the benefit of a professional.