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Five Strategies For A Fire-Free Home

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Topping the list of most homeowner's worst nightmares is household fires. Although the importance of a functioning smoke detector is something most modern people thoroughly understand, today's homeowners should also take proactive measures in order to minimize potential damage caused by unexpected household fires. Following are five things that you can do to keep your your home fires from burning out of control.

Check Electrical Cords on a Regular Basis

Household fires are often the result of malfunctioning electrical cords, so make a habit of checking cords on a regular basis to ensure maximum functionality. Look for fraying, exposed wires and loose connections in the plug ins. Also, touch the cords from time to time while they're in use to make sure they aren't running hot. If a cord is hot to the touch, it's time to replace it even if it isn't showing visual signs of physical damage.

Check Your Walls for Hot Spots

Internal wiring is all too often the culprit when unexpected home fires start. Because you can't see the wiring in the walls, make sure that you periodically touch the walls looking for hot spots. If an area of your wall is warm to the touch, it probably means you may have a problem with your wiring, so don't hesitate to call a qualified specialist. Turn off the electricity and get help from an electrician as soon as possible.

Install a Home Fire Sprinkler System

Good interior fire sprinklers stop fledgling home fires in their tracks before they rage out of control. These systems can be programmed to come on immediately after a fire has been detected in your home. Many homes have been saved from serious damage due to the presence of a properly installed and well-maintained fire sprinkler system.

Keep Fire Extinguishers Charged and Ready

Fire extinguishers are one of those household items that no one really thinks about until it's necessary to use them. Making sure that their batteries are charged and that they're within easy reach of areas of the home, such as the kitchen, where fires are most likely to start may save you from disaster.

Keep Furnaces Serviced and Maintained

Keeping your gas, oil, or electric furnace properly serviced and maintained cuts fire risk significantly. Always make certain to change the filters on your furnace according to the directions in the owners' manual so that lint and other debris doesn't build up and create a fire hazard. It's also important to have furnaces professionally serviced on a regular basis because furnaces that are running poorly pose serious risks of fire.

For more information, contact a professional service, such as the Fire Extinguisher Service Center.