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Siding Trends For 2016

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When it comes to selecting siding for your home, there are many decisions you need to make. You need to select a siding material, such as wood, vinyl or aluminum and you need to select a color. If you are overwhelmed with the number of options you have, you may be trying to figure out how to select a material. Looking at trends can help you select a popular choice that will help your home look great. Here are a few siding trends that are expected to be big in 2016.

Mixing Siding Materials

One of the siding trends that is expected to be popular in the year 2016 is mixing different siding materials together. The reason this is so popular is that it really allows a homeowner the opportunity to create a unique look for their home, while adding texture, color and style. For example, a home with a wood exterior may look nice. However, when you add stone siding to small portions of the front of the house, you break up the monotony of wood and bring in some new colors and textures. And since stone is typically a more expensive material than wood siding, you can create the illusion of a higher-end siding simply by incorporating this material sparingly. Typically, brick and stone can be mixed with wood or vinyl sidings to create a unique look, but that doesn't mean that's where the combinations have to end. You can mix cement fiber siding with wood shakes or vinyl siding with aluminum siding to create bold or modern looks.

Selecting Low Maintenance Siding Options

Another trend that is expected to be popular in 2016 is the popularity of low maintenance siding options. Home siding options are not always low maintenance. Some materials need to be painted, sealed or replaced if they begin to warp. However, more people than ever are looking for products that last long and don't require much care. Different age groups are all trying to free up more of their time, and that includes spending less time maintaining their home. You can find this trend in everything from roofing to fencing to siding materials. People are looking for low maintenance. If you want to get in on this trend, consider cement fiber siding or vinyl siding. Both are low maintenance options that last.

Off Whites and Creams

The last siding trend that is expected to be popular in 2016 has to do with color, or lack thereof. When you think of home colors, you may think of browns or blues. However, this year, off whites and creams are popular colors for home siding. Sherwin Williams named alabaster its color of the year. Glidden paint named cappuccino white it's color of the year. And Benjamin Moore selected simply white as their pick for color of the year. The reason all of these paint companies are selecting off-white is because it looks clean, classic and luxurious. And because it is off-white, it can help to hide a bit of dirt and dust that would stand out on stark white colors. If you are looking for a siding color that is on trend, off-whites and creams are the way to go. And if that is just too much white for you and you need color in your life, consider using off-white or cream on your trim, instead of making it the main color choice for your home.

The siding on your home has a dramatic effect on the curb appeal of your home. As such, it is important to pick carefully. If you are not sure what siding options or colors are right for you, looking at trends can help you hone in on what you like and dislike. In 2016, siding trends include mixing materials, the popularity of low maintenance products and an off white and cream color palette. For more information, check out a website like http://www.lifetime-exteriors.net/.