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3 Eye-Catching Options To Make Your Store More Visible

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You have a sign over your store identifying who you are and what you do, but people aren't coming in to browse or inquire. This doesn't necessarily mean that they don't need you -- only that the promotional tools you're currently using aren't sufficient to catch their eye and demand their undivided attention. Here are some ways you can boost your store's visibility as a prelude to boosting your success.

Illuminated Signage

Does your storefront become depressingly invisible once the sun sets? Before the advent of modern lighting systems, this problem was accepted by business owners as an unfortunate inevitability. The advent of electric lighting systems changed all that, so maybe it's time you invested in illumination to help your business promote itself round the clock. Think about such options as the following:

  • Spotlit signage - If you go to all the trouble of creating a gorgeous custom sign for your storefront, doesn't it make sense to put it in the spotlight -- literally? Box lights, spotlights and other forms of directional lighting can compel the attention of passersby so that, even if they encounter your sign after hours, they'll remember the effect it makes in the days to come. If your custom sign features cut-out or three-dimensional letters, strategically-aimed lighting can create dramatic shadows or silhouettes.
  • Neon signage - The neon sign has become a beloved piece of pop culture, lighting up storefronts and streets with colorful enticements to visit or buy. You don't have to emulate the stunning facades of New York, Tokyo, Las Vegas or Hong Kong to grab your target audience's attention after dark -- a colorful design in a logical, visible location can get your brand identity or message across nicely. Pure neon signs tend to be orange or yellow in color, but the addition of argon, mercury and phosphor coatings can produce an entire rainbow of other shades.

Eye-catching Inflatables

Say you're driving along a crowded commercial avenue jam-packed with various automotive product and service providers. These shops are so alike in their offerings that they naturally tend to blur together in your memory -- except for the discount tire store sporting a 20-foot inflatable gorilla on the roof. You may find that gorilla adorable, laughable or annoying, but chances are that you'll think of that place the next time you want some cheap tires.

Oversized inflatables are a great way to grab attention and provoke conversations about your business. They're especially eye-catching if you trot them out only for special occasions so the "regulars" in that area won't get too accustomed to them. On the other hand, if a certain image or animal is part of your brand identity, posting that object outside your shop at all times could help reinforce your brand's presence as a mainstay of the community.

The only thing more attention-getting than a giant inflatable object is a giant inflatable object in motion. If your business is comfortable showing its whimsical side, consider making use of a dancing inflatable. This tube-shaped item is attached to an air blower that creates sufficient air turbulence to make the item bob up and down, as if dancing. 

Strategic Billboard Placement

For many business owners, a custom sign blown up to the size of a billboard represents the ultimate in visibility. While purchasing that much advertising real estate can cost thousands of dollars per month, a well-designed, strategically-placed billboard can also garner millions of impressions from onlookers within that time frame. If you think your store could benefit from all those eyeballs, here are some key elements you need to keep in mind:

  • A genuinely striking message - Create a simple, powerful message that goes right to the core of what your business is all about.
  • Clear design and layout - Drivers may only have a second to spare for your billboard, so give them clear, easy-to-read lettering and a logical design layout.
  • "Location, location, location" - Post your billboard too far ahead of your store and drivers may forget about it. Place it too near and they may have no time to get to the exit ramp.

You may be amazed by how much more foot traffic and local awareness you can achieve through smart signage practices -- and increased customer awareness is the first step toward increased sales revenue. Talk to your local sign and promotional products providers to get more information about these and other eye-popping options!