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5 Smart Home Upgrades That Can Be Added To New Window Replacements

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Replacing residential windows is a big step in improving clarity, controlling temperatures, and reducing energy costs. As you plan the window glass replacement in your home, it's a good time to consider the number of technological upgrades that are available for windows. By turning to smart home products, you have the ability to automate window control.

The following five types of upgrades can easily be added to any new residential glass installation and will use modern technology to make your life as easy as possible.

Window Sensors

Security sensors were already common for windows, but now smart window sensors are being used in the home to help control temperatures and save on energy bills. By connecting to an app, window sensors can inform homeowners of when a window is opened and display statuses for all the windows in the home. When each sensor is installed, it will be given a specific name so that the home owner can easily tell which window's status is updating.

The smart sensors can be integrated into other aspects of the home like the air conditioning or heating. For example, if a window is opened to capture a breeze, the air conditioner in the home can automatically be set to shut off. This will help save on energy bills and keep homeowners from forgetting to shut off key components.

Automatic Blinds & Shades

Window fixtures are great for blocking out sunlight or just letting a little in. Instead of fiddling with blinds or curtains, smart technology can control everything through a single app. Automatic blinds and technology can be installed directly with new windows.

The blinds can be activated anytime using an app, or a schedule can be set. For example, if you enjoying sleeping in on Saturday mornings, the blinds can be set to stay shut until 11 a.m. This will help remove unwanted sunlight from your home.

Electronic Window Tint

Along with automatic blinds, you can reduce the amount of UV rays in your home by having an electronic tint installed to the windows. With an electronic tint, the windows can be set to automatically adjust to light and add privacy to windows in areas like a bedroom or bathroom.

There are many types of smart windows that can be installed in your home. Some are automatic while others give you direct control over the glass and tint that you want to apply. Working with a contractor can help you decide on the best options and technology for the smart window tint that you want installed.

Remote Controlled Window Opening

Turning levers and lifting levers can create a lot of strain. Climbing a ladder to pop open a skylight can be a large hassle. When you are having new windows installed, a remote controlled window opening can save a lot of hassle throughout the whole home. With just a push of a button, windows and vents can automatically open to let fresh air into the home.

Instead of having a separate remote for each window, an app can control all of the windows with just a few keystrokes or screen taps. Just like any other smart technology, these window openers have the ability to be set on timers. This can help reduce energy costs and leave your home feeling fresh before you wake up or arrive home from work.

Digital Window Thermometers

Clear windows give you a view to the outside world, but additional details can be given through a digital window thermometer. Advanced smart thermometers stick to the outside of home windows, have light-up displays for night viewing, and can display additional data along with the temperature. Examples of the additional data includes wind speed, type of weather, and humidity levels.

Not only can you access this information directly from your window, but many can connect to the home Wi-Fi and an app to deliver information. This means that you can check the exact weather at your home from your bed, at the office, or while on vacation.

Working with a contractor can help you get all the new technology installed properly. When syncing with other smart home devices, everything can be easily controlled and managed from multiple devices. For more information, contact a local window glass replacement company like Central Glass